Endwalker Release Date – The Fourth Expansion Pack

Endwalker Release

Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack from FFXIV. Endwalker release date is 7th Dec 2021. MMOZA is known as one of the best marketplaces for FFXIV services. Now we are happy to announce that after the endwalker release, we are also offering FFXIV Endwalker boosts and also Endwalker services at a very low cost. Watch Endwalker full trailer here.

Jump into the highly anticipated 4th pack of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. At Endwalker, players will face off directly from the Garlean Empire, an expansion power that threatens the world of players and partners. Zenos, the insane son of the former emperor, has killed his father and now wants to quarrel with the player’s Light Hero. With the help of Fandaniel, the Ascian aims to destroy the world and thus complete his immortality. So get ready before Endwalker release for the new coming battles.

The gameplay and quest structure of Endwalker is expected to largely match that of the base game. As with many MMORPGs, players interact with each other in a persistent world that responds to their actions. With the Endwalker release, two new jobs will be introduced as well, both brand-new to the Final Fantasy series. The first is Sage, a healer that uses magic to create barriers.

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